How do I know if I am making the right choice of a Life partner?

Watch Video – This is an all-important question and answering it correctly will give you the correct footing in your marital relationship Choosing the wrong partner accounts for a larger percentage of the cause for Divorce. A hint I will like to drop is “ Do you have a life? […]

My spouse is abusive but I am stuck because God hates divorce

Watch this Video – I have counseled a lot of people and many of their marital conflicts were amicably resolved. Divorce is not convenient at all, it is not an option any peace-loving person wants to quickly consider. It is draining in all the sense of it : emotionally, spiritually, […]

How do I know if I am ready to get married?

Watch this Video – Most of the time when you are so confused about whether the time is right to get married and if at all you are ready to take a leap into the marital journey, it is because you are not ready. The reasons could be founded or […]

What is Marriage all about?

Watch this Video – A successful marriage is one where BOTH the man and the woman are fulfilling purpose IN and THROUGH their marriage. There is a purpose for marriage and there is individual purpose in life, both are expected to thrive in a healthy marital relationship

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