About us

The Living real with Sarah Talkshow started in 2009, with the vision of helping people to build healthy relationships. We have held several Marriage seminars and Relationship Talk shows in different parts of the world, starting from Nigeria to the UAE , to Kenya and the United States of America. We have also done a lot of University campus outreaches, equipping ladies and young men for successful Marriages.

Life is all about Relationships.
No man is an island; no one was built to walk alone. The Creator of Heaven and Earth himself said: “It is not good that man be alone”
Here at LRS, we address Relationship matters on three basic levels:
1. Your relationship with your Maker
2. Your relationship with yourself
3. Your relationship with other people, including Marriage.

The Vision

We are here to help you build and maintain healthy relationships so you can live a happy and fulfilled life.


We help to build and maintain healthy relationships by making information available to you, so you can make informed decisions about your relationships since the quality of your decision is a function of the quality of information at your disposal. We organize periodic School of Relationships, where we teach about Relationships.

Through our Talkshow, we give you a platform for expression. Life happens. The sufferings and the happiness go together like hand in glove, sometime one outweighs the other, or should I say most time it does. Behind every powdered face, there is a story! And there is no one to tell your story better than you. While you at it, many of us will be learning and adding knowledge and experience to our lives.
On the LRS Show we believe that it is sheer wickedness to allow other people to repeat your past mistakes, we expect you to share both the blessings and the lessons.
We also believe that you do not necessarily have to learn from your own mistakes, so utilize the opportunity of learning from other people’s stories.
We have three rules on the Talkshow:
1. Everybody has the right to express him/herself
2. No one has the right to judge another
3. Everyone must respect other people’s opinions even if they don’t agree with them.

And also we have a solid support system through our LRS Club Membership.
• Couple’s Success Club – for Engaged and Married Couples
• Inner Circle Club – Matured singles, Separated, Divorced, Widowed, Complicatedly single, Complicatedly married or in a stormy marriage
• Quest Club – Single, searching and preparing for Marriage