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    Great to have you here.

    I am super excited to have you join the LRS Club.
    Here, no holds barred!
    You will get it real and true, all towards ensuring you have a good and healthy relationship!

    Here are the rules of engagement:
    1. You attend club meeting at least once a month (via zoom)
    2. Access two scheduled counseling per month
    3. Access to two scheduled Listening session per month
    4. Access to Accountability partnership
    5. Access to Emergency calls IF ABSOLUTELY NEEDED, otherwise book an appointment.
    6. Get recognized as you introduce new members
    7. Access to Certified Coaching/Mentoring Get coached to become a coach
    Finally, you get to pay $20 as monthly Club membership fees (if you desire to pay for a year, you get to pay a discounted $200 ) you are expected to sign up on our web app if you have not already done so.
    You are welcome to the club.
    Let’s do life together ??????